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Breast Cancer: A Patient's Perspective (CME Lecture)

Target Audience

All medical staff members, house staff, advanced practice professionals, nurses, pharmacists, and all other health care professionals.


Upon completion of this activity, it is hoped that the participant will be able to:

  1. Understand the drama that patients experience when facing a serious illness.                         

  2. Understand one patient’s experience going through the five stages of grief.

  3. Understand the value of caregivers.

  4. Understand the value of maintaining hope and choosing happiness.

  5. Understand the value of support groups.


Prior Presentation Evaluation Comments

"The presentation was very practical and useful in clinical practice.”

"Thank you again for the time and courtesies you have given by serving the Medical Staff at our CME program.”

"Excellent presentation. Truly enlightening!”


"Amazing presentation. Thank you.”

"Thank you so much for a genuine and spirited message on cancer survival. God bless you.”

"Thanks to Paula for being so open.”

"Very valuable discussion, especially for new residents.”

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